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Strategy, Evolved: KT Rolster’s Kha’Zix Comp

The KT Rolster organization flexed their strategic muscle over the past weekend with impressive wins in IEM Katowice and OGN Champions Spring 2014 by the Bullets and Arrows, respectively. While the former, more senior, team accomplished a flawless run en route to the world championship, they employed an interesting team composition in the semifinals against Gambit Gaming, one which was used mere hours earlier by their sister team, KT Arrows, in their own 2-0 sweep against Prime Optimus.

The composition centres around Kha’Zix in the jungle, a champion that will surely see an incredible spike in usage in most of the major pro leagues. A recent buff to his Evolved Active Camouflage enabled an incredible amount of mobility that allows the Voidreaver to slip in and out of teamfight situations and do considerable amounts of damage while taking barely any in return with the help of Void Assault and a number of other abilities offered by specific champions, namely Karma and Shen.

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Why I Love League of Legends

Hello! My name is Myst and I’ll be joining Kriz as a writer for the Piltover Pundit. I am not an exceptional League player, only mid-tier, but I enjoy the game quite a lot and want to share my observations and experiences playing it. In the future I may write about any number of topics related to the game (including Riot or the professional scene), but for my introductory post I want to tell you a little about why I love League of Legends.

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