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Duo-Queue: Hot6ix Champions Spring 2014 Bracket Stage Preview, Part 2

Continued from Part 1:

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Sword and Board: The Strategic Emergence of NaJin e-mFire

Like champions that fall in and out of favour in League of Legends, professional teams have changed over the course of the lifespan of the game, and tonight’s Legend match between CJ Entus and NaJin e-mFire is a fantastic reminder of how far the game has come, particularly in Korea. For NaJin e-m-Fire, their history is as storied and as fascinating as they come, made even more dynamic by its original team’s split into the two entities known today as NaJin White Shield and NaJin Black Sword.

A comparison between the two teams over the past year is almost as black and white as their names imply. For NaJin Sword, their up-and-down season 3 is reflective of their incredible individual talent, but inconsistency and a lack of direction has resulted in disappointing performances and initial inability to adapt to season 4. NaJin Shield, ever the opposite, has grown steadily in their teamwork and impeccable strategy, but has yet to taste victory at the highest levels due to merely average individual mechanics and playmaking potential.

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