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Champions Spring 2014 Recap: Round of 16, Day 1

In spite of the interesting goings on in OGN Masters as well as the seemingly endless barrage of games supplied by both the North American and European LCS, it has felt like an eternity since the conclusion of Champions Winter 2014. As Doa and MonteCristo put it, it’s as though as followers of the Korean scene have experienced a sort of Champions withdrawal. With the 2014 Spring fully kicked off with the first day of matches between the SK Telecom teams, as well as CJ Entus Frost and Midas FIO, it certainly feels great to not only be able to watch some high quality Korean League of Legends play, but to write about it as well. The groups have been set, and it seems like the road to the finals of Champions Spring 2014 will go through SKT T1 K once more, but don’t discount the capabilities of their sister team, T1 K, and a few other re-emerging upstarts like Samsung Galaxy Ozone and CJ Entus Frost.

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