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Recap: KT Bullets vs. SKT T1 K, Champions Winter 2013-2014 Semifinals

The much-hyped semifinal matchup between SK Telecom T1 K and KT Rolster Bullets fell across a wide range of different outcomes ranging from heavily contested and exciting in game 1 to a yawner of a stomp in game 3 in favour of the Season 3 LCS champions. Despite much discussion and speculation as to whether or not the Bullets could make the next step or whether SKT would continue to be their gatekeeper to a 1st place Champions finish, there wasn’t any particular doubt that SKT would end up winning the series. What probably surprised most was the convincing extent in which they won, but regardless of the second and third games, the back-and-forth opening match proved to be the best window into both teams and the state of their play. As expected, the outcomes were decided by early lane dominance and failure on KT’s part to apply jungle pressure, as well as the two crucial fights over Baron, both of which could have ended up in either team’s favor.

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