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Permabanned: The Problems of Twisted Fate in Competitive Play

Twisted Fate is a broken champion. This is a fact that Riot has said directly and that teams across the world acknowledge by consistently banning him in competitive play. Unlike Jayce, who is overpowered in part because his kit is being abused in ways that were not intended, Twisted Fate is overpowered because he is working exactly as he is supposed to. Twisted Fate’s ult, Destiny, allows him to have a map presence unlike any other champion in the game, and simply being picked forces the opposing team to change their strategies and playstyle to account for him. In the hands of the extremely skilled players and teams, such a game presence translates into a huge advantage. And because no team wants to have to deal with that advantage, Twisted Fate is consistently banned by teams particularly in China and Korea.  It’s also very telling that Twisted Fate is largely absent from the NA scene, but that’s a discussion for another time. What is important is that Twisted Fate has a huge influence on the competitive game in a way that he shouldn’t as a champion that has been identified for needing changes.

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Understanding the Value (or Lack Thereof) of All-Chat

There are often times while playing League that I wonder “was there anything that I could’ve done to prevent that situation from escalating?” Here, though, I am not talking about a game that snowballs or when a poor jungler gank that turned into a triple kill for the opposing team. I am instead referring to the way a game falls apart when players abuse the chat feature because they are upset. We have all had games where the most combat seems to be happening between players in the chat screen instead of with champions. These are unfortunate situations, but they are also a problem that is frequent enough to get me wondering if there is a way to prevent it from happening. Because of how much of a part it plays in creating and aggravating situations of verbal warfare between players, for a while I have wondered whether we would be better off without the All-Chat feature in game.

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Why I Love League of Legends

Hello! My name is Myst and I’ll be joining Kriz as a writer for the Piltover Pundit. I am not an exceptional League player, only mid-tier, but I enjoy the game quite a lot and want to share my observations and experiences playing it. In the future I may write about any number of topics related to the game (including Riot or the professional scene), but for my introductory post I want to tell you a little about why I love League of Legends.

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