Greetings, Summoner. My name is Kriz, and I love to write, play League of Legends, and hopefully through this blog, write about League as well.

I enjoy following the professional scene, especially in Korea, and focus a lot on analysing the trends of the metagame at the highest levels of play. My articles usually come in the form of reviewing specific teams, matches, and even commenting on the development of League of Legends as an esport, both inside and outside of the game itself. Feel free to check out the site; all comments and feedback are appreciated!

– Krizzlybear

Hullo, my name is Emily. I love playing League of Legends, in spite of being abysmal at it. I have been a sports fan my entire life (primarily baseball and football) and the leap to e-sports was only natural once I began playing the game. More specifically, I fell in love with the KT Rolster organization after watching the Bullets play last year at MLG Dallas, and have followed them since. Expect anything I write to shy away from theorycrafting and focus more on features, sports narratives, and OGN coverage. Feedback is always welcome. Thank you.




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